E-commerce Process


  • Our consultant meets up with the client and writes their proposed site’s business logic.
  • Our system analyst will derive the design specification and the program specification for the whole project and allocate the component parts to be done by the DESIGNER, PROGRAMMER, Search Engine Optimizer, TESTER, and WEB ADMINISTRATOR.
  • The PROJECT MANAGER will create a schedule for all the different work to be done in parallel where possible using the GANTT CHART. The GANTT CHART will contain all the different tasks to be done by the relevant experts with timeframe and milestones. The Gantt chart will be used to control the workflow and determine if project is on time, ahead or behind schedule. Client is updated appropriately and regularly.
  • Click to view typical Gantt chart
  • WEB DESIGN including Privacy policy, Return Policy, Cancellation Policy, Security policy and Terms and Conditions is developed in parallel and separately as described in Web Design.
  • Business logic + Product Management + Invoicing System + Order Management + Admin Panel is developed and integrated into the system.

Payment gateway

  • Sandbox payment testing is confirmed before client is advised how to open an online payment account – preferably with PayPal.
  • Using the Payment Gateway account detail the Payment Gateway is integrated in the web design. Live Small amounts transactions testing are initiated to allow dummy transfer of money and client is advised to check and familiarize with the Payment in the matters of receiving money, refunding money, accepting deferred payment and reconciling money transactions.


  • PROJECT MANAGER will integrate the design, programming business modules and the payment gateway before handing over to the WEB ADMINISTRATOR.
  • WEB ADMINISTRATOR keeps all the progress work on the company’s server.
  • TESTER -Using the ‘TEST PLAN’ and ‘TEST LOG’, the tester then checks and records on different browser for compatibility and performance and functionality. These documents are used for quality control between the designers to revise as necessary. The project manager also uses the test documents in the handover document.

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