Core Team

Milesh - Founder
After a BSc Arts and Media with Systems Software degree form Hertfordshire University, Milesh founded Mesh Media.  Himself specializing in flash animation, games manufacture and more recently SEO, Milesh inspires the entire team through his intricate knowledge and ingenuity.

Bob - Business Development Executive
Bob started off his career as TV/Video Engineer before moving on to be Industrial Video Consultant where he has designed and implemented various Video Editing Studios and Video duplication plants. Bob has also taught programming, networking and web design at a respected London college.  As a course leader he has successfully led his college through an inspection for City & Guilds and Advanced GNVQ and is very conversant with corporate procedures.  Bob is currently a practicing MCSD and is the firm's technical consultant.

Vicky - Project Manager
Vicky started off his career as a Computer Hardware Engineer then moving on to be an Industrial Networking Consultant at an educational organization.  Vicky has also taught office applications, Flash and networking.
At Mesh Media, Vicky is responsible for implementing and enforcing procedures for Web Design, Programming and Web Administration.
Adam - Senior Web Developer
Adam is a seasoned programmer who has led a team of 30 developers and designers before joining Mesh Media.
Adam is responsible for analyzing every project and writing the technical specifications. Adam works closely with our Project Manager to maintain standards and following our standard operating procedures.

Hitesh - Designer
Hitesh is our creative team leader.  He wows our clients with his approach and well thought-out designs.  Aside from the graphical side of things, Hitesh also ensures the websites we create navigate well, are easy to use for visitors and create the type of impact our client is looking for.

Ish - Administrator
Ish is the powerhouse that keeps Mesh Media ticking.  Working in the background, he ensures our systems and processes are running smoothly, liaising with our QC team on ensuring the company is keeping its promises to clients, responding on time and on budget and also keeps us all on our toes by making sure we all adhere to Mesh Media branding guidelines. 

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